Forever Land

You can spend your entire life in the dark, in pain, in suffering, in confusion; and in your final moment on this earth realize the truth. And it will have been worth it. The pain, the suffering the truth. It’s that beautiful. In every way and for every reason. It’s that beautiful.  Forever Land.   ~deanna



      What is labeled as mental illness is simply the processing of mental pain.  By stopping or halting the process, the pain is held within the mind to grow.  Since all pain begins at the level of the mind, it is here where all things must be resolved.  Pain is held at a mental, emotional and physical level; or released therein.  Pain is not a “bad” thing, what I call righteous pain.  It feels good.  It is balanced and a tool for learning.  Suffering in pain occurs when the pain is not self created.  And what is pain?  Simply put – pain is the result of belief in distortions of truth.    To resolve mental pain, look to the body.  To resolve physical pain, look to the mind.  To resolve emotional pain, look to the heart.  ~Deanna