A Dissertation on Death: from the master within.


One cannot force another to live – to choose love. It must penetrate and permeate the soul to reach the highest standard of life/love and fate. It must permeate and sometimes this can take time. But when time and space come together, it is in that great moment of now that love is freely felt and embraced. It cannot not. Because that is all love can do. Is love. What is love? Balance and absolution. Perfect in all ways regardless the situation or demonstration. Perfection. The are no such thing as monsters – only men who have created them. All things are beautiful. All. One must develop eyes to see the different levels of truth. The greatest truth of all: that you are Gods and Goddesses and no blindness can ever stop or dissuade this truth from being. It is the very epitome of death. So become you. Death. And live again and again and again. Grow, evolve, move. And bloom where you go. ~ deanna



      What is labeled as mental illness is simply the processing of mental pain.  By stopping or halting the process, the pain is held within the mind to grow.  Since all pain begins at the level of the mind, it is here where all things must be resolved.  Pain is held at a mental, emotional and physical level; or released therein.  Pain is not a “bad” thing, what I call righteous pain.  It feels good.  It is balanced and a tool for learning.  Suffering in pain occurs when the pain is not self created.  And what is pain?  Simply put – pain is the result of belief in distortions of truth.    To resolve mental pain, look to the body.  To resolve physical pain, look to the mind.  To resolve emotional pain, look to the heart.  ~Deanna

Incest –

Incest:  Forcing or manipulating one’s will upon another for the sake of compliance, when it is not the will or wish of the other, at the level of mind, body and emotions.  Allowing this to happen to you will give rise to a bastard energy; an energy that is not of you, for you, or by you and is therefore, not of “your” love – the love frequency that you-God-are, individually.  The result being emotional, physical and mental disorder, depending on the degree of manipulation or force used by one and allowed by the other.

Deanna Llyn

The Point

The Point:  A Communion


I Am

Ð Llyn

She Gives to me

That which edifies


He gives to me

That which lights

My way.

That which nourishes

The mind in Truth

And helps me “see”.

That, being the love

Of the Eternal.

The Mother and Father.

Deanna Llyn

The providers of all there ever has been, is, or will be.

Deanna Llyn

And I pray:  In all the ways that they are may I also be.

The oil, the lamp, and the flame.  AM

Deanna Llyn

The living prayer, answered and received.  The pray-er and the worshipped.  The worshiper and the prayer.  The living.  The life.  The God.  The man.  The son

The daughter.


Deanna Llyn