What I like best about my little blog.

You know what I like best about my little blog? That I get to see where they get to be – my little works – to travel. To meet the people I’ve always dreamed of meeting, and experiencing life through those minds that carry them there.  It excites me and saddens me at the same time that I, myself, cannot go to those places I’ve always dreamed of going, and sharing myself directly. Seeing the smiles and sadness. Touching and feeling those people and life, abundant life, along my way.  Living. Really living. But until that day arrives, I will love my little blog and the freedom, insights and purpose it provides me. This I will do, with Dignity and Grace.

Forever Land

You can spend your entire life in the dark, in pain, in suffering, in confusion; and in your final moment on this earth realize the truth. And it will have been worth it. The pain, the suffering the truth. It’s that beautiful. In every way and for every reason. It’s that beautiful.  Forever Land.   ~deanna