Is All: a poem


Beleaguered man,

Beleaguered sty,


Where shall you rest your head?

– in stead?


Grab your fleet

and grab your pail


death call upon your wail

~ your feet.


And when you cannot walk a step,

crawl another mile


For there to see ~

The man they call

his name, his name! …


Is All.








Belief Systems

Belief systems:  Overcoming my conditionings of false belief systems of and by self and others to rely upon and grow up and into my Self.  Standing on my own.  As one.  As the One.  Me.  It ain’t easy:  The human condition.  But in the end I’m worth it.  We all are.  It’s about love and it’s about time, Love.  It’s about us.  Individually and collectively.  The beautiful fabric of humanity that we are.  And we’re a tough lot.  I only wish I could fully share what I truly know.  How beautiful, strong and courageous we all are.  Oh how I wish I could do that.  To take you up and share/show you the beautiful wonders  that you are.  We are.  Humanity.  Individually and collectively.  Until then, my loves…