The Great Return: Unconditional Love, Cont.

     Unconditional love doesn’t mean that a person has to tolerate mistreatment of any kind or stand by to witness a loved one destroy themselves.  No – unconditional love means that in spite of come-what-may, I’m going to love you anyway.  I’m going to reserve that place in my heart – that holy spot that only you can fill.  I’m not going to try to push or prod another into that spot, because that would be the epitome of ignorance or stupidity, or both.  No – there is only one hole that you can fill.  The hole is just made that way, as you are.  Each to their own…holes…in my heart….in their own time.

On standby.

The Holey One

The Question to End all Questions

Start with the point?  What is the point?  You are.  We are. Each and everyone of us.  Again, what is the point?  Love.  You are.  We are.  Each and everyone of us.  What is love?  God.  Life.  Us.  We.  You.  Me.  Each and everyone of us.  We/you/me… we cannot escape it.  It doesn’t matter that each and everyone does not believe in a God, or sorts, as everyone deems is necessary.  All roads and paths lead to the greater creator and reality that God is.  LOVE.  So in the end, it is the question to end all questions.  What is enough.  You are.   What is God?  You are.  What is love?  You are.  What is life?  You are.  Who is He?  You are.  Who is she?  You are, they are, we are all God/love/loved/creators/created.  It just is what it is… the simple truth of matter and matters and what truly matters…love.  ~deanna