Pornography is simply excess expressed in a multitude of vices. The excess is simply what we deem addictions. Addictions are caused by living an unbalanced life. It is for each to find that balance within and without. Within the mind, body, soul and spirit to find its counterpart in the real world. It’s reflection of itself. It’s true nature. In this way you can never outrun yourself. It will always be reflected back to you. -Deanna

Incest –

Incest:  Forcing or manipulating one’s will upon another for the sake of compliance, when it is not the will or wish of the other, at the level of mind, body and emotions.  Allowing this to happen to you will give rise to a bastard energy; an energy that is not of you, for you, or by you and is therefore, not of “your” love – the love frequency that you-God-are, individually.  The result being emotional, physical and mental disorder, depending on the degree of manipulation or force used by one and allowed by the other.

Deanna Llyn

Doom and Dread



Doom and dread got in my head

And roundabout they spent,


Destroying all the simple things 

Of beauty as they went.


And oh how they did clamor,

And oh how they did climb,


To sit atop the perch of man,

The many who decline


To say what needeth saying,

To do what needeth done;


To bring about the truth of him,

The each of every one.


The woman and the children,

The master and the slave,


The boy, and yes, the man-child,

Each one I call by name.


To say what needeth saying,

To do what needeth done – 


Each and every man-child,

Each and every one.


But look to not the sexes,

And look to not the sin,


But look,



And look some more-









Deanna Llyn – Ð





Where There is Expectancy…

Where there is expectancy, there is hunger.  Hunger casting forward creates worry and doubt of self and others.  Casting into the past creates regret in the present.  Casting hunger into the future creates a happy-mess.  Into the past, regret-full-mess.  It dirties the splendor of one’s own life:  past present and future ≈ NOW.

Here, I utilize the “almost” equal sign at NOW, because NOW is where life is at – outside the grips of hunger and pain.  But, NOW.  Life is where love is at.  Don’t ever forget that.  And what is love?  That is for each to claim as their own.  To discover within….their own brand of love.  Some will be a shared love, while other loves will be specific of detail and design for that individual.  Seek and you shall find, within yourself, a treasure that no other can obtain.  It is placed for you and you alone.  Whether you care to share or not?  That is for you to decide.

Deanna llyn

Where There is Expectancy