The Question to End all Questions

Start with the point?  What is the point?  You are.  We are. Each and everyone of us.  Again, what is the point?  Love.  You are.  We are.  Each and everyone of us.  What is love?  God.  Life.  Us.  We.  You.  Me.  Each and everyone of us.  We/you/me… we cannot escape it.  It doesn’t matter that each and everyone does not believe in a God, or sorts, as everyone deems is necessary.  All roads and paths lead to the greater creator and reality that God is.  LOVE.  So in the end, it is the question to end all questions.  What is enough.  You are.   What is God?  You are.  What is love?  You are.  What is life?  You are.  Who is He?  You are.  Who is she?  You are, they are, we are all God/love/loved/creators/created.  It just is what it is… the simple truth of matter and matters and what truly matters…love.  ~deanna


9 thoughts on “The Question to End all Questions

    1. And thank you for your kind response… smiling… Sometimes I want to learn from another so badly that i forget to take a step back and gather myself before responding. It’s like, “Hey! He has a little gem I haven’t seen yet! I wanna see! I wanna see! ‘ please forgive my unpolished, childlike curiosity. Smiling at myself, still… 😊😏

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      1. haha! You are awesome. I guess I would say love is always the answer, but sometimes the most loving response may not seem so at the time. For me, that has always been a struggle, when I know something is the most loving response for everyone, but it may not feel like that for someone at that time. I am not sure if it is a gem, but maybe you have one for me 😉 If I find any gems, I will share them 😉


      2. Thanks for the gems! 😁 I always tried so hard to appeal to everyone in my approach to being loving untilI I finally realized that the mostly loving thing I could or can do for another is to be completely honest with that person I love. Now this may sound so easy and simple, but to mean what you say and say what you mean within the moments you have was and remains the greatest challenge of my life! It’s called, absolution. I had to first learn how to be completely honest with myself, emotionally and intellectually and physically before all others. Ya…. But I wanted it so badly. To be able to be completely at home with myself. Free. And so I had to learn how to be completely honest with myself first and foremost. The most loving thing I could have ever done, and do for myself, and thus, others. That was a long answer, but i hope you find a gem in there, somewhere. This has been so nice. As you are… Thank you, gem!


  1. I can relate and understand exactly what you are saying. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is not the easiest thing and I agree that being completely honest with yourself and other people from a place of love. I feel like I am learning to do that with myself, which also means deep reflection and meditation so I know exactly where I am coming from. It is hard, but worthwhile work, which I believe benefits all my relationships. I am learning to be more vulnerable with myself and others. I found a few gems in there and thanks for the beautiful conversation!


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