What I know and understand soul mate to be would encompass the entirety of the universe, so I’m just going to keep it to a very personal and real level. For clarification of terms, I would like to first define what a “lover” is to me so that there is no confusion when I use that term.

Lover: One who is able to give and receive love/light, with the same degree and duration of intensity. It’s an energetic reciprocation of life between two bodies, expressed in all ways and all means of living. Simply put, it is perfectly balanced love between the loved and the lover. It is in no way, shape or form a thing of lust or sexual hunger. It is a natural and uncomplicated thing of life. It is real and true and beautiful.

Who my soul mate is: The one who is my everything in one package. He will be the one who desires to explore this world with me, and adventure and live it! The one who provides me a safe and comfortable place to rest my head, when I seek rest. The one who will want to create a life with me, filled with wonderment, and marvel with me at those wonders we have created together. He will support me and find joy through me as I seek new experiences that are founded in my passions, and I, likewise, will do the same for him, and marvel at the wonder of Him.  It will be a relationship filled with perfect love, where hunger, of any kind, cannot exist. He will be my life of joy and I his. He is my best friend. He is my lover – the one who is able to love me perfectly, because he holds my love that we were both created in, within. It is without effort.  It is easy.  It just is as it is, without definement or refinement.  It is already perfect and made more perfectly as living comes and goes between us.  It is expansive, not expensive.  It is free and freely expressed.  Freely given.  Freely received.  It is a communion in all ways, always.  It is joy everlasting and beyond description.  It MUST be lived.

So, what is a soul mate? A color/frequency of love and truth, unique to itself, that resides within the heart chakra of each. It is undeniable, complete and perfect, because it is true love. It is pure. It is clean. It is innocent: guiltless, blameless, faultless, honest… How it is expressed through life on earth – well, that is for each to discover. But I do know that when found, it is beautiful beyond words. And while I have not ever experienced this completely, I have had a glimpse and glimmer of the comfort, fun and simple completeness it provides. And he is beautiful.

Finally, I saw and understood that a soul mate can be different things to different people, in order for each to fulfill a promise of experience to the other. At the end of the day, it’s all about a perfect love… soul mate.

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