The Stunting of Humanity: A Living Prayer

     It finally just dawned on me that the stunting of humanity is about the underdevelopment of the individual through any given society. Those societies and customs that celebrate and hone the individual are the advanced societies. But honing the individual is first about the parent and community getting to know the individuality of the child and not the other way around. This takes patience and self discipline of the parents and elders to the child or we end up projecting and communicating our own desires and wishes upon the child that we would have wanted for ourselves. The latter being objectification. This is bondage and creates resentment, depression and takes from the will of the child. Eventually, -the child learns to objectify itself. This is done systematically through families, societies, nations and throughout what we, humanity, have deemed “civilized”. In trying to propagate and cultivate beauty, wisdom and true life in our children, we have done the complete and total opposite. We have robbed and pillaged the very beauty and reason of living and life. Our afterlife. Our children. Our future and our futures. Here and now, as well as in the generations to come. And children, lay not the responsibility of your lives upon the shoulders of your parents. Do as you can and what you will for yourself and by yourself as you learn and grow. Be an active participant in your rearing and development. Parents, teach your children that there is a divine presence and order within them, and teach them to seek out their own master; their inner guidance system and systems. This is about the teachings and learnings from the whole of who they are and we are, each and every one. Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. All are holy. All are divine. And All are eternally loved as All is, ever was and ever shall me. And to this end, I pray, Amen.

3 thoughts on “The Stunting of Humanity: A Living Prayer

  1. You are right. The gift of Nature, no kindness for the poor and war. I believe God is disappointed with us. We need to reuse the land empty by men and allow nature to be left in peace. Powerful and worthwhile words.


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