Calling Card

As it came to and through me. I have not and will not change the grammatical structure. It is Holy to me. It is of me. It is my Life. My Source. My Love. My God and God-ess. As I am and as it is. It is about the moment in which it was created. And so let it be about the sharing and caring. Let it be about nurturing and love. That which I am given and share.

I’m very selective with whom I share myself. I either know them or I don’t. Feel it, or I won’t.

Each to my own, in my own time…

I am not here, have not come to make friends, I am here to destroy the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ being that which holds me back from living my life, or that which is excessive in and through me. To myself be true. What is the anti-Christ then? Addiction and the result thereof.

It’s a genetic thing and a way of the world that is resultant of restrictions and confinement. But it is, the truth, that is, a way that must be learned. It cannot be taught – the way out. The way out of the bedlam and chaos, the result of dependency and co-dependency – The belief in not enough. The genetic factor of imbalance. The result of too much, too soon. And so it is for humanity to master self and others’ self for the sake of humanity. For the sake of one and all. For the sake of truth and righteousness. For the sake and love of God. Ye are gods and god-esses in the waking. Wake up. You cannot do this on your own. It must be done with and through each other. Through honor and self sacrifice. But through this comes forgiveness and redemption. Through this comes restoration and rejuvenation. Through this comes life eternal – here and Now. You don’t have to wait for the afterlife. You already are. Find it within you and you find it through others in meeting yourself again and again and again. To the end, to this end, amen.

deanna llyn

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