Regarding the pupils, the black holes.

Because it is. You are your own universe; the physical manifestation of that. What you choose to put into yours and believe as truth will manifest itself, mind, body, and soul. Your belief system will evident itself through you. For better or for worse. Change your belief system, change your body, mind, and soul for the better. Change you, change the world around you. Period. It’s that simple, but I didn’t say it was easy, just worth it. As you are. Worth every microcosm that you came to be. Free. The ultimate love.

There is one for each side of you. The feminine and masculine, both. Both sides need nourishment, love, acceptance. Cared for and about, so that the two may become one in this lifetime. In this way, a whole and wholesome life will be lived. Learning to care for and about both is the challenge. Inside and out. Inwardly as well as outwardly. Through self and other relationships.


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