The Point

The Point:  A Communion


I Am

Ð Llyn

She Gives to me

That which edifies


He gives to me

That which lights

My way.

That which nourishes

The mind in Truth

And helps me “see”.

That, being the love

Of the Eternal.

The Mother and Father.

Deanna Llyn

The providers of all there ever has been, is, or will be.

Deanna Llyn

And I pray:  In all the ways that they are may I also be.

The oil, the lamp, and the flame.  AM

Deanna Llyn

The living prayer, answered and received.  The pray-er and the worshipped.  The worshiper and the prayer.  The living.  The life.  The God.  The man.  The son

The daughter.


Deanna Llyn

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