For Protection in the Seas of Chaos

For protection in the seas of chaos, one must first find the river of life and the air of breath.  The tools of the trade for living.  To put it succinctly:  The Truth.  We live in a water world, divided.  You will find it everywhere you seek.  The water, the air.  You cannot not.  The truth will and can never abandon you.  Seek it out.  Clear the mind.  Clean the body.  Reap the soul.  And through this process will a new world be created.  Your own.  Will a new body be created.  Your own.  What is meant for you.  Will a new mind be restored.  Your own.  Will a new soul rejoice in the freedom and abundance of life.  Your own.  Founded in your truth.  Your way.  Your life that only you can life because it was intended for you and you alone.  It cannot be shared.  It must be lived out by that which it is intended.  Others will come and go.  Others will play their part.  Some will stay for a lifetime and others for a moment.  All are invaluable.  Take in each and every moment for the nourishment and provisions it is meant to be.  Then let go and move on to the next moment.  Make time to seek the truth; for prayer, communion and worship of Truth.  Prayer being the dialogue given by you.  Be honest.  Be unafraid.  Pour out so that your vessel might be filled with the truth, through worship.  Worship being the ability to receive.  Communion being a giving and a taking.  A clearing through the exchange of honesty for truth.  Godhood comes by way of honesty.  Sainthood through Truth.

Deanna Llyn – Ð


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