The Real Show: Life Advice

“The Real Show”


We live in an age

where anything goes,

so fills you ups

and lets you grows.


Color your hair

of mints and blues,

of pinks and purples,

of magical hues.


Climb that mountain,

weather that vein,

to help you see

and grow again


to secret places,

there inside,

to show you

it’s your time to ride.


It’s your pleasures,

it’s your pains,

so buckle up

and welcome in

the you you’ve always

dreamt to be –

the you you truly are

– you see?


Tackle you demons,

tackle your pride,

tie them up

and let them ride




so one day they

will also see

themselves through you

and let you be –

free …


without the taunts and chats,

without the worries,

fears and gnats –

The midges that can

swarm your head

and fool you into

playing dead.


So find your soldier,

find your vein,

mount your life

and ride the bane


to better lands,

to greater shores,

filled deep and wide

of treasures, hoards.


Things that sparkle,

things that shine,

the truth of life,

both yours and mines.


So tighten down

your weary hatch

and ride her out –

ride her fast,

until no longer

can she last,

but just let go

and gently grow

into her’self


The Real Show.




deanna llyn … Ð




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