A Dissertation on Death: from the master within.


One cannot force another to live – to choose love. It must penetrate and permeate the soul to reach the highest standard of life/love and fate. It must permeate and sometimes this can take time. But when time and space come together, it is in that great moment of now that love is freely felt and embraced. It cannot not. Because that is all love can do. Is love. What is love? Balance and absolution. Perfect in all ways regardless the situation or demonstration. Perfection. The are no such thing as monsters – only men who have created them. All things are beautiful. All. One must develop eyes to see the different levels of truth. The greatest truth of all: that you are Gods and Goddesses and no blindness can ever stop or dissuade this truth from being. It is the very epitome of death. So become you. Death. And live again and again and again. Grow, evolve, move. And bloom where you go. ~ deanna